We are a team of people who are passionate about the fiber arts. With a wide variety of crafting experiences and passions, we can help you with any knitting question you might have! We hope you will stop in soon and create something wonderful with us!


Kait Holton

Founder & Owner

Kait has been passionate about all things yarny since she learned to knit in high school. Her knitting philosophy is "go with your heart." Modify patterns! Make stuff up! The beauty of knitting is that you can make it perfect for yourself. Don't be afraid to invent things. 

Janet Kirsch

Yarn Junkie & Co-Owner

Janet's obsession with fiber arts began with her "Crochet All The Afghans" phase and has continued with a "Knitting Is A Great Thing To Do When You Should Be Doing Other Things" phase that is still in progress. She loves bright colors, and suspects she might be part magpie.

Terri Wolfgram

Yarn Pusher & Reacher of High Things

Terri learned to knit in 2002 when she couldn't find a witch hat for her baby's first Halloween costume. She quickly moved on to stranded knitting, then socks. Currently, she's been making toys. She's not afraid to rip out her knitting and start again!

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