Sad Announcement:

Unwound will be closing its doors in February 2021.

Read below for the full announcement or click these links for more info.

Letter to customers from the Unwound team:

Hi Friends,

It is with heavy hearts that we have to make this announcement: Unwound will be closing its doors in February 2021. We tried our best to make it through, but no one–especially a shop like ours–could truly be prepared for a global pandemic. Online ordering will still be available on our website after we close our brick & mortar shop, until inventory is depleted or until June, whichever comes first.

Unwound was founded with the idea of being a community space. We welcomed you all in, invited you to stay in our lounge, make friends, take classes, attend parties, laugh about cats, and so much more. When the COVID-19 crisis hit, we were forced to go back on all of that. For your safety and the safety of our staff, we had to uninvite you all. This shop has been such a weird, barren place without all your smiling faces.

In many ways, we have come together as a community through this crisis. But in all the important ways, we have had to ask you to stay away. And for a shop like this, it’s just not sustainable. Please know that we’ve done everything we could to tough it out.

We’ve gotten a lot of help throughout the last year and we want to thank everyone who has supported us through this crazy time.

Firstly, our customers. We love you. We will miss you all dearly. We will especially miss having you all in our lounge, bringing joy, laughter, and inspiration into this space. We would not have made it this far without your support. We set out to make Unwound a community-focused shop and you all showed up with open arms and hearts and made it great. You made this a second home for so many people, and we know that welcoming spirit will continue to exist whenever and wherever we gather to knit, whether it’s online or in a local coffee shop post-Covid. We are so grateful to all of you.

We also need to thank several agencies that have gone above and beyond during the last year. Wisconsin Women’s Business Initiative Corp. has helped us in so many ways, I can’t even list them all. If you’re planning on starting a business, please check them out. They will help you. The WEDC and the SBA both sponsored grants that went out to small businesses in need this year. We were able to take advantage of those grants and are deeply thankful for that opportunity.

Unfortunately, even with the support from the folks listed above, Unwound just wasn’t able to ride this wave. It’s inspiring that we made it as far as we did, and we thank you all for giving us the opportunity to be YOUR Local Yarn Shop for these last three and a half years.

As I’m sure you can imagine, this is a hard thing for us here at Unwound. We don’t wanna start crying and saying goodbye every time someone visits the shop every day until the end of February. We’d like to plan on a virtual get-together so that we can save all our emotions for one big party.

In the meantime, please help us keep it together over the next few months by sharing happy stories and good memories of the shop. Please stay in our facebook group and continue sharing your projects and questions. If you’re not already a member, just search “Unwound Lounge” in facebook and request to join. It will be a good place for us to stay in touch, even after the shop is gone. We’ve made a lot of friends over the years and absolutely want to keep that connection with you. The Unwound Lounge facebook group will be our new hangout zone and place for us to plan knitting excursions, meet-ups, and the occasional shopping spree at other local yarn shops. We hope to see you there.


Join us in our final knitalong, Always in my Heart, Jan 1st-Mar 5th and (virtual) Bind-Off Party on our Last First Friday. We’d love to see your faces and say goodbye to the shop together.

We also hope to continue with our virtual meetups on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and First Fridays. Eventually, we’d love to have in-person get-togethers again, too. Stay tuned to our website and social media pages for more info on all this.


Love from all of us at Unwound,

Kait, Janet, Susan, and Terri