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Mini-LYS Day! Interview with Faith from Four Boys Fiber

Susan: When and how did you learn to knit and/or crochet?

Faith: I learned to crochet about 8 years ago when my oldest son was a toddler. I have always loved crafting, but with my added responsibility and busy-ness I wanted to learn something that would be a creative outlet, but also be relaxing and portable. I stumbled across a kit at Walmart and learned that way. Six months later, I was ready for a new challenge and began knitting with the help of YouTube. The rest is history.

What got you interested in dyeing, and how long have you been dyeing yarn? 

I became interested in dyeing about three years ago. I had discovered a passion for natural fibers and hand-dyed yarn, which my wallet couldn’t keep up with. First, I was just dyeing for myself. I bought some bare yarn and acid dye, and watched the hue loco dyeing video on YouTube about a hundred times!

Susan: How long have you had your business, and what was it like starting up?

Faith: I started my business about 2 ½ years ago. I had fallen in love with dyeing yarn and was running out of space to store it. I talked with the owner of my local yarn store and she thought my yarn was good enough to sell. So, I opened an Etsy shop. I started out posting just a few colorways on only one base. It didn’t sell very quickly, or often, but when something did sell it made me feel great and spurred me on. It felt and still feels amazing every time I see someone appreciate my work and want to create something with it.

Susan: Where do you find inspiration for new dye colors? What considerations factor in to how you go about developing new colors or color ranges? (For example, different times of year, different bases, what customers are responding to in your Etsy shop, a sweater pattern you have in mind, trends in the industry, new techniques you want to try out?

Faith: I find inspiration for colorways in many areas. It is sometimes as easy as browsing color palettes on Pinterest. Other times I’m inspired by fabric prints, paintings, my emotions, or often an idea that strikes when I’m trying to fall asleep. These ideas don’t always turn into colorways. I start with the colors but then I move into deciding what type of dye method would fit them. Next, I test dye mixtures, colors, and strength. Lastly, I try it on yarn. If all goes well and I’m able to replicate it, a new colorway is born.

Susan: What's your favorite thing about being an indie dyer?

Faith: My absolute favorite thing about being an indie dyer is seeing what people make with my yarn.

Susan: Any favorite projects right now? Something on your needles, or on your "want to make" list?

Faith: I’m a sweater knitter at heart, but I also love to knit socks and baby garments. A few of my favorite designers are Michelle Wang, Hinterm Stein, Andrea Mowry, and Joji Locatelli. I’m currently loving working on my Wool and Honey sweater.

Susan: Anything else you'd like to share with our readers?

Faith: My advice for any knitter/ crocheter is to remember life is too short to knit with yarn you don’t love.


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