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Interview with Terri Wolfgram, Unwound staff

The ubiquitous question: when did you learn to knit, and who taught you? October 2002. My beading friends were also knitters. A small yarn shop opened in my hometown. They were excited and got me to go check it out by mentioning that there was a small selection of beads, too. I had a newborn baby, and we started hanging out there. By the time October rolled around and I couldn't find a baby-sized witch hat, the obvious choice was to learn to knit. Jen, the shop owner, got me started. I still have the hat (and the baby,  now an adult).

What made you decide to work at Unwound? I had decided that I should work there from the moment I heard that it was going to open. I basically moved in on opening weekend. At some point I let Kait know that I was available if she needed help. I've officially been an Unwound employee since October 2017. What do you enjoy doing when you are not knitting or petting yarn? My most favorite thing is riding around on my custom book trike, Paperback Rider, handing out free books. (I usually have knitting with me.) I've loved video games since the first time I saw a Donkey Kong machine. (A lot of quarters were spent in my teen years.) I've been playing Breath of the Wild quite a bit, lately.

What yarn-y tool do you find most useful, other than needles? Does my tablet count? I use the Squid app to store my patterns and to mark them up while working on a project.  What is your favorite knitting resource? (Book, web site, person, etc.) Ravelry. I love reading Elizabeth Zimmerman's books. I think every knitter should read them.


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