• Heather Jett

Interview with Susan Crutchfield, newest Unwound team member!

Heather: The ubiquitous question: when did you learn to knit, and who taught you?

Susan: I was so young when I learned to knit that I have no memories of learning how, but I'm sure it must have been my mother who taught me. I was always bothering her with "Mama, I want to make something." I remember making a wee blanket in stockinette for a baby doll, and crocheted bookmarks. My maternal grandmother was an expert crocheter. We have several afghans of hers, and I am thrilled to have a beautiful crocheted bedspread by her, made with crochet thread, not yarn. My mother now concentrates on sewing, but growing up (and still) I was surrounded by needlecrafters on my mother's side of the family. She had three sisters who created the most wonderful Christmas presents.

I knit my first sweater (seamless, top-down) out of dark blue acrylic yarn when I was in college. I have a picture of me wearing it. Also during college, I raided the sale bin at a LYS and knit up a vest using Kaffe Fasset's toothed-stripe pattern. I loved mixing colors and yarns. That vest went to a college girlfriend, and I have a picture of her wearing it. It wasn't as easy to document one's work back then as it is now. I wish I had better pictures of what I've made through the years because they bring back great memories of those people and times in my life.

Heather: What made you decide to become an owner at Unwound?

Susan: So many things! You [Heather] and I had long talked about having a yarn shop together, then this opportunity came up. I was in love with the Unwound Shop from the first time I stepped into it two years ago. I took the plunge because carpe diem, yarn, creativity, and women owners!! I love working with three other women owners, and one very important woman employee, to create beautiful things and share them with people. I love having the outlet for my creativity and having the opportunity to introduce our customers to the joys of making things!

Heather: What do you enjoy doing when you are not knitting or petting yarn?

Susan: I love hanging out with my fifteen-year-old son, listening to him play his guitar and laugh with his friends. I enjoy visiting with my friends, which often happens while I am knitting, and very often at the shop. I also like to walk or run the trails, watch movies, listen to jazz, read, tend my flower garden, ballroom dance, and sew. I like to make things!

Heather: What yarn-y tool do you find most useful, other than needles?

Susan: Stitch markers...row counter... the cable holder... yarn sock... blocking boards. Scissors?

Heather: What is your favorite knitting information resource?

Susan: I have a book I bought years ago. It was published in the '80s: The Handknitter's Handbook, by Montse Stanley. It's an all-purpose, general knitter's resource book that I dip into often for information about various cast-ons and -offs, blocking, darning, making up, and all other things knitty.


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