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Knitting Groups

Why would you want to join/start a knitting group? It's a great way to learn new techniques and discover new books/patterns/yarns. You'll have opportunities to meet people you maybe wouldn't have, otherwise. You might discover new movies/tv shows/podcasts/music while chatting, too. I've also discovered that some of the funniest people that I know are knitters. You will likely make some lifelong friends, too.

How are knitting groups formed? It depends on the group. Some are friends who knit and decide to get together regularly. Others are knitters who find each other, meet regularly, and become friends. Some yarn shops, like Unwound, have a seating area where people can hang out and work on projects while talking with each other.

Where do knitting groups meet? Some groups meet at various houses, others in coffee shops, restaurants, bars, libraries, or yarn shops. Usually, everyone works on their own project, but sometimes they may participate in a knit along (KAL). Some groups knit for charity.

How can you find a knitting group? If you have a local yarn shop (LYS), you could ask them if they know of any local groups. If they have an area to hang out and knit, that's a great place to meet other knitters, too. Ask you knitting friends if they’re in a group or want to start one. If you live in/near La Crosse, WI you could grab some friends and come to Unwound’s lounge. We’d be happy to have you!


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