• Heather Jett

New Year's Resolutions

Hi. I’m Heather, and this is my first blog post for Unwound. Yippee!

As I sit here in the shop on Saturday morning, waiting for the Saturday knitting crew to come in, I’ve been thinking, as we barrel toward 2020, about my New Year’s resolutions.

I never used to make resolutions. You see, I was one of those people to whom pretty much everything came easily—straight-A student, decent athlete, relatively popular, etc., blah blah. Sounds great, eh? What happened, though, is that easy made me lazy. It also gave me a deep and profound fear of failure, so I rarely attempted anything I wasn’t sure I’d be instantly proficient at, and if I attempted something and realized I’d need to work at it, I quit. I literally fell off a horse at riding lessons and refused to get back on for many years.

Fortunately, the universe helped me fail a few dozen times. Even more fortunately, I learned that despite some spectacular screw-ups, if I keep moving forward, things worked out. Maybe they didn’t work out the way I expected them to, but I always learned something from the failure and forward motion of life. In the process, I became quite comfortable with trying and failing because I knew I’d learn something. So, I began challenging myself with New Year’s resolutions.

Some resolutions I have managed to meet---last year, I resolved to use the Bullet Journal method to help me be more organized. I did, and it has. I also resolved to reach my goal weight, and I failed. For the second year in a row. But trying to do that at least helps me be mindful of what I eat and gets me to the gym every week. So, I’m failing, but not exactly, and it feels good.

If you are interested in new year’s resolutions, why not make a resolution to learn a new craft or get better at one you already practice? Learning a new craft skill is a much better resolution than a weight loss one because there is no failing! Take a knitting class or a crochet class and you will certainly learn something new and have a lovely handmade object to show for your effort.

Join us! Resolve to challenge yourself and learn something new in 2020 with Unwound. And thank you for being a part of our fiber arts community.


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