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Notes from my safe home--plus! Stuff we are doing!

Well, how's it going out there, everyone? I went out to pick up curbside groceries yesterday (Woodman's---hooray for the grocery workers keeping us fed!), and that was my first time out in the world in 10 days. There were lots of cars out (??) but who knows?

So, I'm working at home right now for my other job, and I'm having a hard time staying on any kind of healthy schedule. I've known this about myself for a long time---I need structure imposed upon me by places to go and people to see. I'm trying to do better, though. How's it going for you?

Anyway, here's some fun stuff! Next Friday, April 3, we will have an online wrap-up party for the Terzetto KAL, so get going on those! I'm excited to see all the different colors. ALSO, we are kicking off the crochet-along of Through The Clouds by Rachy Newin. Kait is putting together the color combination you see below as a kit available for purchase here so if you want to make the same one that you know and love from the shop, Janet's sample, you can! Otherwise, I am using DK weight yarn, so if you are a beginner crocheter, that might be an easier choice for you than the fingering the pattern calls for. Kait can help you put together the three (or four!) colors the pattern requires---give her a call at 608-519-3722. And speaking of beginners, I'm teaching an online-only beginner crochet class on Saturday, April 4, 2-4 p.m., for those of you who want to get in on the crocheting fun! Email us at contact@unwoundshop.com for the deets on that.


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