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Trunk Shows

From time to time, you might see that your local yarn shop (LYS) is having a trunk show, but you might not know exactly what that means. For Unwound, it means that, for a limited time (anywhere from a weekend to an entire month) we'll have yarn from an indie dyer available for you to purchase. Often it’s from a dyer whose yarn we don’t regularly carry, but sometimes it's from a familiar face, like Jesse from Dye Monkey Yarns, who visits us for a long weekend, twice a year. Often, the dyer will send knitted items made from their yarn so that you can see how it looks. Trunk shows allow us to bring in new yarns for our customers while increasing visibility for the dyers. It's so much fun to see what each dyer comes up with. Some prefer pastels, others go bright. Some prefer tonal, others use multiple colors in a skein.

At some of our trunk shows, the dyer is available to answer questions. When Jesse from Dye Monkey Yarns is here, she offers a class and also has an informal Q & A session. You can get help understanding how different yarns will look when used in different projects. Help is always available to assist you in finding yarns that will look great together.

Sometimes, especially if there’s an unusual/unique yarn base at the show, the dyer will have some available for you to do a bit of knitting on, to see how it feels/works up. We sometimes call this a "yarn tasting."


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