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Woodsy Creatures Mitts Class at Unwound

Woodsy Creatures Mitts Knitting Class (click here for more info)

Saturday, March 21st, 2-4pm, with Susan

$40: includes the lesson in duplicate stitch, mitts pattern, two metal stitch markers to attach charms to your mitts, and five 10-gram mini skeins of Unwound’s Own hand-dyed in colors to create the creature of your choice

Learn duplicate stitch and practice charting your own duplicate stitch design while creating a set of these adorable mitts by Tiny Owl Knits.

Aren’t these the cutest?! Spring will arrive, and these mitts are perfect for those chilly April nights, an Easter basket surprise, or any celebration of longer days and the season of budding trees and baby bunnies.

These mitts are knit flat in the background color. Then the creatures are added using duplicate stitch, also known as “Swiss darning.” Finally, the mitts are sewn into tubes leaving a hole for the thumb. The pattern includes four sizes, from child to larger adult. Students can choose any of the five woodsy creatures featured in the pattern to adorn their mitts and will be provided five different colors of mini-skeins in colors appropriate for their chosen animal.

Participants will practice duplicate stitch on sample knitted fabric before being guided through the process of stitching creatures onto their pre-knitted mitts. We will also experiment with designing our own duplicate stitch patterns on supplied graph paper. Imagine charting out initials to add to your mitts, or a little heart for your special recipient. Skills required to knit the charms attached to the mitts will not be taught in this class. However, yellow yarn will be available for use by anyone making the beehive charms attached to the bear mitts, and two sizes of pom-pom makers will be available to use for the bunny’s tail. If there is time, the teacher can provide support for anyone making charms.

Students are expected to complete their flat mitts (or at least one) in their chosen background color before arriving to the class.

Background color yarn is not included in the cost of the class, but upon registering and paying for the class, you will receive 10% off the cost of the fingering-weight skein you choose for your background. Anyone at the shop would be happy to talk with you about background colors that will complement your chosen animal. Don’t hesitate to drop in and ask!

What to bring:

  • · Completed flat rectangles, the background fabric of the mitts (made up in stockinette stitch bordered at top and bottom by k1, p1 ribbing—see pattern)

  • · A blunt, medium-sized tapestry needle

  • · A sense of fun and adventure!


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