1. The 20th of this month is the deadline to sign up to be a Patron next month

  2. Invoices for the membership fee are due by the 30th of this month to be a Patron next month

  3. Newsletters with info on Patron Perks will be sent out, and goodie bags will be available during the first week of the month.


$35​ (plus tax)

per month


Membership fees can be paid at the shop, OR if you'd like your membership to automatically renew each month, we can send out an invoice that can be paid online.

Payment is due by the 30th of each month to be eligible for Patron Perks the following month.

Other Fine Print

  • 15% off coupon excludes consignment items & expires at the end of the month. Cannot be combined with other discounts.

  • Free blocking coupon expires at the end of the month.

  • Patron Perk goodie bag items are not eligible for return/exchange.

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