Understanding Hand-Dyed Yarns with Jesse of

Dye Monkey

Have you ever gotten a hand-dyed skein of yarn that just made your jaw drop, but once you knit with it, it lost all its appeal? The colors didn't stack up the way you expected or became mixed and muddy? Pairing hand-dyed yarns to the right knitting pattern can be challenging, but Jesse of Dye Monkey Yarns would love to walk you through some tips & tricks to getting the most out of those stunning skeins.

This class will offer hands-on review of hand-dyed yarns.

  • Understand hue and tone

  • Master blending and contrasting-Learn to read your skein and predict behavior

  • Determine and utilize repeats

  • Dominate over pooling with simple stitch techniques

  • Recognize pattern and yarn interplay

Join us after-hours at Unwound for this exciting class. The fee is $30 and includes two hours of expert instruction from Ms. Monkey herself. You can even bring a skein from home that you've been having trouble with!

Please call the shop at 608-519-3722 or stop in to register. Class fees are fully refundable up to a week out from the class date only. There is a maximum of 10 seats in this class - please register in advance.

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